Sunday, April 26, 2009

C.A.R.E. will meet the press, and AB 372 Hearing Drinking Game Rules

C.A.R.E. is finally doing some media outreach, they’re holding a press conference. There has been some confusion regarding its time and location…

I heard some buzz that they’d scheduled a press conference for last week, but then nothing happened. Then there was a rumor that it was going to be held in the Governor’s Office. Then it switched to the Assembly Speaker’s office, leading to general consternation among AB 372’s opponents that this was a tip o’ the hat from the Speaker to the C.A.R.E.

C.A.R.E. finally announced their press conference on their website:

Please Join Us on Monday 4.27.09
Press Conference 9:00am
Assembly Speakers Office

That announcement was up for about a day, and was replaced with this one, which was up the last time I looked [10 am, Sunday April 26, Pacific Time]:

AB 372 Press Conference
Speakers Press Office

No date... Different time... In the Speaker’s Press Office, which is a room, folks, not an endorsement… So it's either happening tomorrow morning, during the hearing or today in about an hour...

I had assumed that they were going to hold their presser last week, to give the media the chance to air or publish a story in time to have some sort of effect on the outcome of the hearing... Theoretically you hold a staged event for the press to announce the bill a month out, to build a narrative leading up to the hearing... Having a presser the day before, or the morning of, the hearing doesn't do you much good, the "news" is the hearing itself, not someone blabbering talking points about what may or may not happen... It's not like the Sac Bee is going to put out an extra edition between the press conference and the hearing. ABC isn't going to interrupt GMA to go live at C.A.R.E.'s press conference.

It’s possible that C.A.R.E. will use the presser to announce a deal with DSS, ACLU and other opposition groups going into the hearing. That would actually be “news”. The lamb will agree to lay down with the lions, or more precisely the lamb agrees to surrender a couple of its tenderloins to the lions in the exchange for a promise to live to limp another day... That’s one of the few scenarios that makes sense in terms of the timing of the press conference. But this is just my idle speculation.

Ah well, busy couple of days for CARE, they have to act as beards for Asm. Ma's fundraiser tomorrow night after they face a grilling at Judiciary…

AB 372 HEARING DRINKING GAME: Take a shot every time a committee member calls adult adoptees “children”. Bonus double shots for every mention of “rape and incest”.

Peace, Love and Soul!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought they changed their Ma fundraiser for tomorrow night. That's what their latest flyer says!

They really can't get their shit together. It's amazing they can breathe and talk at the same time.

11:29 AM  
Blogger The Fuzzy Duck Daughter said...

So if the hearing starts at noon, I will be blasted drunk by 12:05. I can't wait.

This entire process with AB372 has been a clusterfuck beyond compare.

11:32 AM  
Blogger BB Church said...


My mistake, the fundraiser is tomorrow night. My oops, I'll correct it in the blog post...

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for fuck's sake.....

I think a bingo card is called for here too.

11:47 AM  
Blogger BD said...

Strangely, Jean Strauss and a few other "big name" promoters of AB 372 were at the AAC, and not tending to business back home.

7:44 AM  
Blogger BB Church said...

It's not so strange. CARE is not waging a grassroots campaign to create social change legislation, so they're presence is not crucial. This campaign feels more like one you would see regarding obscure product liability; consumers may be interested but the real politics is happening behind closed doors.

I have no idea what will happen at today's hearing, my gut tells me that AB 372 may pass, since it's been amended to be a "Birthparent Rights Bill"... It will be interesting to see if it does pass if the cost of due diligence (determining a "best address" to send these letters out) is borne by the adoptees. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if CARE went for an adoptee surcharge tax, just charge all adoptees upon age of majority for being needy, angry pains in butt...

8:03 AM  

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