Saturday, May 06, 2006

BB Church's Funhouse

Hi all,

This is the blog of BB Church, so named Baby Boy Church at birth. The first two names are accurate and descriptive, I was a baby and I was a boy. I was not a church nor a Church; that name was given by my mother to the hospital as a dodge. No matter, four days later I became someone else, through the act of adoption, and my original name was lost to me for 36 years...

Until I found it, on a piece of paper. I have reclaimed my original name as part of a discourse of inquiry into the institution of adoption in the United States. This blog will become one facet of that discourse. Enjoy!

BB Church

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Blogger MissyJ099 said...


I loved the original posting. It is so true. Then for us to be referred to as "adult children" really cranks my anger up a notch.

Lies really add up. Between States that refuse to acknowledge that we exist or are harmed by not being allowed our TRUE information, Counties that refuse to acknowledge that lies of omission or outright lies are harmful and individuals that don't tell us the truth of our adoption for whatever reasoning.

Good job Ron and Thanks!!!


8:00 AM  
Blogger Marley Greiner said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! This is gonna be fun.

9:52 PM  
Blogger RoseAnn Hayes said...

Ron, I eagerly read and re-read every word you publish about LDAs because you have the ability to express our issues with razor clarity - issues that most of us cannot put into words. Thank you so much for that!
You said that you had reclaimed your original name...for purposes of your work with LDA issues...I was you know of any LDAs who have actually changed their legal name back to their original (real) birth name? I am actually considering changing from my adopted last name to my original (real) last name, as a sort of symbolic protest against being denied access to that name for 50-plus years. And because my adopted last name reminds me constantly of the mountain of lies I have discovered. And because the State of South Carolina refuses to give me my birth certificate, even though I know the truth now. And because I'm still torqued about the whole thing. How do you feel about the idea of legally reclaiming our original birth names? Of course I realize that the term "legally" is a joke. And I know that your original birth name (Church) was a made-up name, which makes your case even more frustrating. I'll appreciate any comments.
BillingsleyRose (RoseAnn)

11:23 AM  

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