Saturday, February 14, 2009

C.A.R.E Knows My Secret Name But Won’t Tell Me What It Is…

If you’ve been following the C.A.R.E. website (and not many have, evidently, according to their page counter), you’ve noticed some substantial changes in content in the last few days. They’ve jettisoned a lot of the incomprehensible original text and substituted leaner-meaner declaratives. There’s one statement, though, that’s got me scratching my head…

Check out the last sentence in this paragraph, I’ve added bold italics:

“CARE seeks to provide adult adoptees with uncertified copies of their original records of birth. This record contains accurate information regarding ethnicity, nationality, date, time and place of birth. In addition, the original birth record contains the name given by the birthmother to the adoptee which is non-identifying yet serves as a protection against potential incest.

Come again? I imagine this is the name whispered in a baby’s ear by a midwife or doula, right before she smacks it on the ass, to prevent warts and incest. This name must then be enscribed into the birth record using umbilical cord blood with the quill of a porcupine...

What is this name? I dunno. My first mother didn’t bother to give me a first name, or perhaps she did and it wasn’t recorded. In my foster care paperwork I was Baby Boy Church. Oh, and the Church name was a pseudonym. Fortuitously, my adoptive parents kept a copy of a medical release form she’d signed, first with the name Church and then again with her real name (her name at the time, that is. She was waiting out a divorce and lost that last name forever a few months after I was born). I was her fifth child, out of thirteen, and my siblings have an assortment of last names (she had five or six husbands and kids with all of them, some of whom were relinquished and subsequently took on different names). I guess it’s a miracle I didn’t end up dating one of them without my protective name.

If anybody finds out what C.A.R.E. is talking about, let me know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can name not be identifying, yet prevent incest??? If anyone gets an explanation of this, please do let me know.

That is by far the weirdest statement among many by CARE.

Isn't the original name the identifying information on the OBC our opponents are so afraid will get out? Isn't that what gets whited out when agencies give NON-identifying information?

Must be like you said, the secret magic name like Mormons get when they go to the Temple. It is all a mystery, but of course they have the secrets of successfully bamboozling legislators with "needs" and "desires" not (God forbid!) "rights." So we should just relax and let them work their magic spells!:-)

4:48 AM  
Blogger BB Church said...

This business with the "name that protects us from incest" is just some sleight of hand that CARE is presenting to the legislature to get the OBC. They must really think that legislators are dumb.

8:56 AM  

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