Saturday, April 26, 2008

Volunteers Needed!

Hi all,

I'm beginning to put together a list of volunteers for the Day for Adoptee Rights event. Please let me know if you can do any of the stuff listed below...

1. Transportation. Anyone driving to NOLA? We'll need someone with a car or two to help us buying picket materials, bottled water, sunscreen, etc., and then the morning of the protest transporting everything to Lafayette Park.

2. Protest Monitors. Monitors will help with crowd control before and during the protest. Monitors will keep folks marching to the Morial Center from straying from the approved route, and once at the Convention Center will ensure that picketing is done legally. Monitor training and specific duties and instruction will be provided the night before the protest at the picket making party.

3. Clean up crew. I know, this is a shitty duty, but someone had to do it. Mainly making sure that Lafayette Park is clean after we leave. But a lot of it can be done by making sure that protesters dispose of their trash during the protest. House keeping announcements will be made during the protest.

4 Public Relations. Anyone with experience in dealing with the press or other media? Step on up, we can use you!

Ok that's it for now. You can respond here on the board, by private message, or by email to me at




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